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june 27

My little tribute to the lodge pole pine of Yellowstone Park: 

The lodge pole pine
is returning to the landscape following the devasting fires of 1988.

This straight growing tree, perfect for teepee poles,
has a shallow root system and they pile up like toothpicks
on the higher elevations during strong winds.
The geyser fields are strewn with their ghostly bones.
2-IMG_5817Slow to grow but tenacious,
the lodge pole pine twists as it grows,
giving each limb fair access to the sunlight.
The lodge pole pine is a tree for the ages. 1-IMG_5446

June 23

conversation in the car as we traveled back out of Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone “What picture should I draw today of our trip?”

“The bison in front of the Tetons.”

“I’m not sure how to draw a bison.”

“Just draw a drumstick and add legs.”



June 22

Museum of the Rockies – dinosaurs, rocks, Native Americans, pioneers and Pompei – lots of my favorite studies when I was growing up

and then a beautiful drive south along a wandering river with fisherman at every mile or so and rocks, love that geology

instagram for  today


June 21

traveling I-90 from Spokane to Bozeman, so many little snapshots I took with my mind

I saw a rusted old tractor on a hillside and was reminded of “Otis” from the recent children’s picture book.  Here is an old fashioned instagram of the image.