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5/4 May-be


Most people set out on a pathway to get to a designated destination:
a viewpoint, the beach, mountain top, parking lot.

I’ve been on walks like that.
I’ve looked at a map, read the trip advisories,thought about possible side trips.

But once in a while,
I’ve set out on an unknown path,
without a map, without expectations for vistas or stops along the way,
without knowing where I might end up or
thinking about how I’ll get back home.

It is one thing to do this on a physical path somewhere –
in my neighborhood, county, world.
It is quite another experience to do this in life.
And what do I think about that?

It seems I’m most aware of my journey through life
when I’ve checked the maps, taken advice, looked at destinations,
considered round trip or homeward bound possibilities.

But I have had rare and wonderful occasions
to just step out into the world and walk.
I think it takes a special kind of trust, faith, grace,
to just walk like that in the world

I know I love how that kind of walking feels.

I’ve learned that when I’m on that kind of walk,
my heart has a map,
and if I open my eyes wide,
there are companions by my side.

(a picture from just such a journey)


April shorts – 26


do you remember when you first learned about trust – learned the meaning of it, experienced it, exercised it?

I know I was trusting people long before I actually knew what it meant.  I trusted my parents, my teachers, my Girl Scout leaders, my siblings,  my friends.

And then there came a point in time when someone put their trust in me and the world flipped on its side and I finally really knew what trust meant!   I was on the other side of the worm hole and trust was a real thing.

How often do you think about trust now – now that you are older and take so much trust for granted?

I love being made aware of trust – of the faith I really do have in others and in institutions and in myself.