tongue in cheek

The Nonesuch Journal recently published their latest research on the effects of May on the human psyche.  Their long-awaited study confirms what most of us have known since childhood: May does indeed lead to more serious use of June, July and August and can have lasting side effects.

This particular study found those most significantly impacted by May are young people who are seniors in high school or college, and those in the teaching profession.  This report affirmed that early exposure to May sometimes leads to reckless behavior; many examples were cited.  More research is needed on how to best support those who experience these circumstances of what seems to be spontaneous and uncontrollable acts of extreme adolescence.

Lake Padden, Bellingham, WA

The most serious side effect of extended May exposure was a tendency to over indulge in June, July and August and end up exhausted by September. However, this research also provided overwhelming evidence that those who imbibed in May with exuberance exhibited more cheerfulness in the work place and a better outlook on life.


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12 responses to “tongue in cheek

  • pamelahodges

    I am suffering from Mayitis. But I am smiling and have “more cheerfulness in the work place and a better outlook on life.” Thank you for a fun article. 🙂

  • writekimwrite

    Ha…so glad to hear that such a prestigious publication would finally notice what we (insiders) have observed for quite a long time! Enjoyed reading this take as I “imbibe in May with exuberance”! Are you at the picture spot? Ahhhh….

  • Ruth Ayres

    Fun! (And I love the photo.) I think this May has hit especially hard because the weather around here feels more like summer. Just a handful of days until June!

  • Deb Day

    This is so fun. The weather certainly made the symptoms a little harder to bear this year.

    Love your picture, by the way. Beautiful place!

  • Donna Smith

    This is my first retirement dose of May. I’m definitely enjoying it much more than in previous years. Typically school is out in the middle of June or later, so completing end of year activities and testing while kids were infected with May, always led to huge problems and May headaches in the teachers. We more thoroughly enjoyed the June bug.

  • Maureen Ingram

    Love this! Are you already out for summer? Love the phrase “imbibing May with exuberance”…yes, yes, yes! Summer is just around the corner – delightful.

  • Dana

    Hilarious and witty. Really enjoyed reading this.

  • LInda Baie (@LBaie)

    It’s so timely to share this with us, Amelia. I have been wondering why others didn’t understand, & now I can show them this! Thank you for the appropriate descriptions too like “spontaneous and uncontrollable acts of extreme adolescence.” So true, so true!

  • luckygurl

    Yay! I have such a love/hate relationship with May. I love its luscious temptations to indulgence, but it also signals the crazed stampede to the end of the school year… Every May/June, I feel like I’m just squinting and holding my breath until “the end.” Hmmm… How could this go differently next year? Thanks for the fun post.

  • Robin

    This photo is beautiful! I want to be there right now over-indulging in May, while speeding wrecklessly toward June, July and August!

  • Amy Rudd

    Yes, infected with May indeed…Many people can’t stand it right now-I think both of my buildings have experienced this with full blown epidemics! Imagine! Done! Toast! Never recover!

  • fireflytrails

    Your words give a studious bent to this idea – but the picture speaks to the heart. A perfect summary of what we suffer/delight in this time of year!! Great piece.

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