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grunewald library loftMy home for the rest of this week is at the Grunewald Guild in Leavenworth, WA.  I’m taking a class in encaustics, thanks to a gift certificate from my church. I’m also getting lots of time to write and take pictures.

This morning we began our day with the founder of this guild, Richard Caemmerer, sharing his vision of how to engage the creative process and maintain it as a spiritual practice as well.  I have a lot of his words in my head right now and I need to write them down and see how they unfold.

There are two classes running at this time: Encaustics and Acrylics.  These are the morning workshops.  Then the afternoons are open for more studio practice or whatever you want to do.  There are also “secret classes.” These are offerings that aren’t advertised but are put together depending on offerings by staff or volunteers with expertise.  I’m going to be doing one on doodling – right up my alley.  That will be tomorrow.

This morning was all about learning some basics of the encaustic materials and techniques and beginning a practice piece which will also be sort of our test block for the rest of the week.  I don’t have a photo of it yet.  They had us start with collage encaustics because it is the easiest.  I found a lot of what I do with fabric transfered to this work today.  We’ll be learning harder techniques as the week progresses and I will see how my “craftiness” applies as I become involved in those.

So thanks to all who made it possible to be here!

Know this:

inspired by a conversation between Margie and her 100 year old mom…

There is no greater gift1-IMG_0191
than to know in your heart
you are loved.
So I will tell you today
and tomorrow
and forever:
I love you.
But my deepest heart prayer
is for your every breath to whisper
“I know.”


the prompt is “collapse”


Collapsed in the deck chair after a brief swim
my eyes gaze in rapture at water sparkling like diamonds
beyond the orange tinted stars of a Japanese maple
dancing in the breeze.

The poet asked “what will you do with your one precious life?”
I don’t know.
I can’t think beyond glorious appreciation
of the beauty before me.

prompts from website of The Habit of Being

new playground

Our school has a new playground.  A vision that entailed a lot of cash and hard work – and isn’t totally complete yet – but summer school students got to be the first to play on it.  Memories in the making:

01-pg1 02-pg2 03-pg4 04-pg5 05-pg6 06-pg7 07-pg8 08-pg9 09-pg10 10-pg11 12-pg13 13-pg14 14-pg15-001 15-pg15


kkhsbag-2It begins simply:
Reach into a little velvet bag
and pull out a small tablet with a word etched into its surface.
But then there is the practice we engage in together:
Read and reflect on the word.
5 women
5 words
25+ reflections in one evening
How many more in the month before we meet again?

summer reads so far

Summer is my time to read.  I’m the kind of person who falls down rabbit holes when I read.  Like – gone. Whether the bottle says “drink me” or not, the potion has been consumed and I have become whatever I need to be to enter Wonderland.  The present day world as I know it is far away and I am not able to come back to it very easily.

So I only really read when I can disappear.  Summer is that time.  I used to read a book every two days.  I’m not quite there this year but this is what I’ve got dog eared or returned to the library or the cloud so far:

H is for Hawk
Tiny Beautiful Things
The Thirteenth Disciple
All the Light We Cannot See
A Man Called Ove

I’m glad trips to Wonderland don’t require frequent-flyer miles.

evening cocktail

Summer rain:

not the torrential
steamy pavement
gusty lusty
catch your breath
kind of wet

but a summer sip –
dog at the water bowl
duck strutting on the path
frogs sounding off once again in the dark
dribble in the drain
kind of rain


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