my best “like”

Recently I gathered with a group of colleagues who will be the new coaching group in our area.  As many of us were new faces to each other we spent some time at the beginning of the meeting to connect and introduce ourselves.  Of course the common question of “what do you like to do best?” was a part of the share circle.

It has been awhile since I’ve had to introduce myself to a group or answer this question.  In the past, I often spoke to my crafty activities of knitting, doll making and photography.  But this time, writing rose to the top. I realized that while I still love to create in those other arenas, it is my involvement in words and thinking about words and how and what I will write that I am enjoying most at this time in my life.  I listen to others speak and I jot down words or phrases I want to ponder more about – and possibly write about.  Plus, I can write in my brain while I’m driving, walking, swimming.  Writing affords expansive creativity; I certainly don’t need much at hand to do it.

It has been an intriguing journey to get to this place where writing has bubbled to the top as one of my joys.  I thank the community of writers at Two Writing Teacher’s Slice of Life Tuesdays for nurturing this new-found “like.” I started writing on a blog in 2009 but it has been as much about reading and responding to others who write that has nurtured me.  Creating my own connections to, or being challenged by, the words of others has certainly given me a rich palette for my own work.

As I listened to the others introduce themselves, I heard about passions for gardening, travel, music, cooking, stained glass.  At similar gatherings, I usually hear people mention activities on my list but I didn’t this time,  no knitters, quilters, camera buffs.  Everything people spoke to involves learning, creativity, experimentation.  I am glad we all have options for this necessary outlet in our busy lives.

I probably spend more time actually doing the other things I enjoy but it seems my mind is always writing.


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