labor days

Saturday I began some work on my computer – taking photos off my IPad, loading a CD to copy some music for my class.  But then ITunes wouldn’t work.  Oh yeah I updated to Windows 10 and I bet no one is playing nice yet.  Well I used all my computer skills – and I have become pretty savvy – to see what I could do to work around that but alas, I had to call Apple support.  I spoke with Zane first and he even created a link to see what I was seeing on my computer.  But he ended up having to fetch Ramona, a bigger boss I think, and even she had to admit it was probably a case of Microsoft needing to catch up.  So I decided to cease and desist for the rest of the day.  But 2 hours went down that rabbit hole.

Meanwhile my husband put together two tricycles purchased for my preschool classroom with only a few cussings at the “distructions” and one washer left out by mistake.

Sunday afternoon I decided to tackle my clogged dishwasher hose.  This involved a snake, disconnecting two pipes from under the sink, 5 tools, lots of grimy gunk, cuts in my hands and water on the floor of course.  But 2 hours later I was doing a happy dance in the kitchen feeling like Rosie the Riveter and running my dishwasher.

Monday I messed around with a scrapbook and some knitting and did laundry.

Guess which Labor Day I enjoyed the most?


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