11454297503_e27946e4ff_hi’ve got that new virus – you know the one they named “heartbleed”

i’ll bet you’ve got it too,

especially if you’re a teacher

or a counselor – or studying to be one

or involved in pastoral care

or a health care worker

or a parent

or a spouse

or a child

or a sibling

or a friend





i think i know how to contain this virus

once and for all.


stop working with people

actually, more than that,

stop loving people

just stop



sorry, no can do


poetry is playing with April

April’s Loose Again

April goes a-walking in her clover-green skirt
up and down the lane in the rain
in the rain
lace at her ankles
and she’s splashing in the puddles
there’s mud on the tulips
buttercups daffodils
April is striding
her hips swing side to side
in her clover-green skirt
and it’s raining
oh it’s raining
her hem is soaked
and split
and fraying
she won’t put her boots on
no she doesn’t have her boots on
April is dancing in the rain
in the rain
cheeks shiny bright
her ribbons undone
running in the ditches
and up and down the fields
in her clover-green skirt with its muddy petticoat
it’s raining
it’s pouring
this fine spring morning
April is a-twirling
in the wind
and the rain
up and down the lane
oh rain delightful rain
April’s out
and about again


Only every day

I heard the end of an interview on the radio today and it inspired these words:

“Only every day,”
was his answer to the question.
only every day

What was the question?
Do you think of…
do you miss…
do you love…
do you long for..

What question would you answer with those three little words?
What deserves all of your attention
Only every day.

sung poetry

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hMy daughter introduces me to her favorite new music whenever I visit and we are driving in her car. I used to become nervous every time she started fiddling around with her dashboard while she drove – now she has voice command and I can relax and just listen to the lyrics.
I envy songwriters. They get to write poetry and then take their insight up a notch by putting music to it. I usually love the songs Brittany shares with me. I listen carefully knowing these songwriters are telling me what is uppermost on her mind and heart – she is just using the music and the sharing of it with me to communicate what she sometimes has difficulty saying. Often she is paying attention to messages I have been trying to tell her for years.  I’m glad she can hear them from some one!
So, fresh from my most recent visit with my daughter, I offer these thank you’s: to Joshua Radin and Pink, for the poetry and insight you have added to my life and the joy you bring my daughter.


The challenge to write for 31 days used to seem daunting.
Now I look forward to it as a
Humbling and
Inspirational experience.  I’ve come to
Recognize my March writing as a unique opportunity
To pay closer attention to the world, myself, and

Once a week writing will probably become the
Norm again soon, as my routines relax but
very year I participate in this challenge, I increase my stamina and skills.  The joy of the experience has me looking forward to next year.

THANK YOU Two Writing Teachers for hosting this challenge! 11454297503_e27946e4ff_h




11454297503_e27946e4ff_hwriting to a prompt: full

I goofed last night and stayed up way too late.  After all, I’m on vacation, and wasn’t feeling the need to build up savings in my sleep bank.  So I sat at my computer and edited poems and photos, loading them into a template on Blurb.  I was having a merry old time oblivious to the clock.  At 11:45 my husband subtly asked, “How late do you think you’re going to be up tonight?”

I finally crawled into bed at 1:30 am.  Oh my goodness, what a goof ball!  I really didn’t have anything taxing to do today but I really shouldn’t have stayed up so late.  Lack of sleep made me a bit emotional in church today and snippy with my old dog who is antsy to go out every couple of hours.

So after watching Cosmos, I’m going to turn in and get a full night of sleep.  Nothing to wake up for tomorrow except a promised and much anticipated lunch date with my mom.


a genuine slice

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hToday I had the joy of beginning my spring vacation in the company of 13 women from my church.  It was a little “retreat” – only six hours together – but just the perfect way to spend a rainy Pacific NW day.

We were asked to bring a favorite poem, hymn, or Bible verse to share.  I listened to words from Wendell Berry, Mary Oliver, Micah, Psalms, a Catholic hymnal, old family proverbs and a treasured picture book.

Now I am home and have gotten so wrapped up in creating a book of poetry and photos that I lost track of the time and am too late to post for today.  But I’m going to anyway.


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