writing to a prompt: underneath

My husband and I live in the first floor of a condo – we are the ones living “underneath” Ms. A.  I know her name; I have her phone number; I think we even have her key for emergencies. (Yes, I believe we do since the night she got locked out and my husband tried to climb up to enter patio door because she thought it might be unlocked –  it wasn’t.)

But other than that, the sum of what I’ve learned about Ms. A from living below her is this:

She has a cat, that likes to play and chase things and will go thumping across the floor at odd times of the day.

She gets up at 6:30 am, about an hour after I do, and leaves the house around 7:30 am, most mornings.  I did take her to work once when her car wasn’t working.

She seldom wears heels or anything that taps on the tile floor.

She uses the blender every morning, I’m assuming she likes smoothies.

She rarely listens to anything loud or with a booming base, in fact, never.

She has parties about twice a year and lots of people come – she gives us fair warning.

I don’t know much about her but she is the best upstairs neighbor I’ve ever had.

I wonder what she could say about us, living “above.”


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3 responses to “underneath

  • MyArtofBecoming

    My daughters and I also live on the 1st floor of a two family house and last year we had a horrendous upstairs neighbor. The entire house shook when her and her boyfriend walked around 😦 Our neighbor this year is just like yours, he is extremely considerate and if ever something loudly drops my phone will ping with an ‘I’m sorry’ message 🙂

  • Stacey Shubitz

    What a neat slice of life. It might be interesting to write a second one from Ms. A.’s perspective about living above you.

  • Patricia.

    I live upstairs from my dtr…and I wonder what she would write. I do not just live separately from her, as I use the downstairs all the time, share meals, and share upstairs with my two young grand kids. It is a wonderful life!!

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