what part of the sandwich are you?

It’s the end of my work day, I’m at home in my chair with my coffee and my daily check ins with the family begin.  First with my 23 year old son.

“How was your day?”
“It was an awesome day today.  I had a long talk with Brittany (sister) – you know, we don’t talk much, and she made me feel really good about myself.”

Well that was pretty cool to hear.

Then my mom calls.  She’s 79.

“I’m worried.  Your dad isn’t feeling well and he just went to bed.  He’s been feeling kind of crummy all day.”
We chat some more.
“Do you want me to come over?” I ask.
“No, I feel better just from talking to you.”

talkin’ bout my generation….
my mom tells me I’m the icing in the middle of an oreo cookie…..

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4 responses to “what part of the sandwich are you?

  • Linda Baie

    A good description for many. I’ve been that icing & now I’m the one side of the cookie, I suppose. I remember distinctly when I realized that & it’s a rather lonely feeling being there. On the other hand, responding to your feelings, I felt squeezed sometimes in the middle. Who is the priority, how can I give support to both? I hear you!

  • grade4wizard

    I like the short snippets of conversation mixed with your thoughts.
    I have to admit I have never thought of the question you asked. Need to ponder.

  • mardie

    I’m right with you in the middle of the cookie. Sometimes it is so very very hard to be there that I think I might fail. Other times I remember that being there means that I’m surrounded by love.

  • Ruth

    What an interesting way to look at your current place in life. It’s full of so much, I’m sure. Thanks for your short, but powerful glimpses into life.

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