writing from a prompt: growing

Some of you plant bulbs
or tend spindly seedlings, dreaming of summer bouquets
but me, well,
I grow sweaters.
In my lap, skein by skein,
with two sharp points
and nimble fingers
I turn yarn
into a puddles of softness
growing inch by inch and row by row,
until a full blown sweater
emerges, ready to wrap and delight you
as much as it did me
to create it.



About wakeupandwrite

2 responses to “growing

  • Amy Rudd

    Making sweaters is such a talent! My friend tried to teach me how to knit, and…I made a scarf and started on a second one when I was prego with my daughter. Now, she’s 3 and I haven’t touched it since.
    I like how you described turning the yarn into puddles of softness. Beautifully written…

  • Patricia.

    My “growing” involves the two little ones in my life…they are now 5 & 6 and I am privileged to live with them. I cannot believe how they have grown and how they are growing. Creation is a wonderful artist of the human body!!!

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