SOL 3-12-2020

I work in a program that does early intervention for children birth to three. We are a group of therapists and early childhood specialists who partner with families doing coaching in the home to support functional outcomes for young children and their parents.

This COVID stuff is knocking our socks off.

We are doing everything we are supposed to in order to keep our work space sanitized and ourselves healthy as we move in and out of our cars, homes, daycares and office spaces.

Some families are worried about us coming and so they call to defer their visits out of an abundance of caution – which is totally appropriate.  But we’re trying to figure out ways to do Telehealth now that is HIPPA compliant in order to continue services.

Other families are so eager to see us that they don’t disclose health information we should have before we visit such as recent bouts of fever, coughs or achy bodies. We are having to make calls beforehand to ask about these things before we head out the door.

We know that children are little carriers of this virus and yet we also want to keep serving children and families as best we can for as long as we can.  It is what is happening all across this country.  But sorting through the most current information in order to send out letters, make phone calls, establish policy is exhausting!  I’m so glad there is a team of us working together.

Meanwhile my husband monitors my supply of gloves, Purell, antibacterial soap, Clorox wipes and mask options.

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2 responses to “SOL 3-12-2020

  • GirlGriot

    Yes, this is a mess. So many people are panicked, and that can’t be helping anything, but it’s hard not to panic when we’re not getting helpful information, and stores are running out of supplies, and …

    A friend of mine is filling her FB feed with pictures of her new puppy, and those photos are everything! That puppy is so adorable, and so exactly what I need to see at random times during my day. He’s just the cutest! I think — not sure, but I might be willing to bet on this — that he’s some kind of antidote.

  • Maureen Ingram

    I work with young children, too – and their version of Covid-19 is reportedly so much more milder, they may be conveying these germs without any of us even knowing!! I know you are a source of comfort to these families. This virus is just going to do what it is going to do, and we have to trust we are all doing our best to prevent (i.e., handwashing). Yieee. Surreal times. I loved this line – “This COVID stuff is knocking our socks off.”

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