The hour is late – it is only 8:50 – but I live on the west coast so the clock is going to strike and my coach is going to become a pumpkin and I’m already stumbling down the stairs out of my glass slippers…

(for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about – this writing challenge every day is on east coast time so I have to post before midnight New York time!)

I’m going to let this photo speak for me tonight.  I took it out at Semiahmoo, near Birch Bay, Washington, the weekend before last and it is now my screen saver.  I am just loving it right now:


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5 responses to “3/7/17

  • Kate Schwarz

    Very neat! I’m on the West Coast too–and just clicked on the daily slice of life challenge to find that it was the “8th day of the challenge”–oops! It’s midnight over there. But we’ve got a few more hours of today. Hope you’re enjoying them. 🙂

  • GirlGriot

    That photo is beautiful, and I wish it were speaking for all kinds of people tonight! 🙂

  • VanessaVaile

    Tomorrow when I’m starting to write at 8:45 pm, MST I will remind myself that it could be worse — I could still be in California and have just 15 minutes;

  • Maureen

    I think it would be very very difficult for me to write in this challenge if I couldn’t write late into the evening…you should try to write one day ahead! I love this picture…the colors in the ivy, the split in the wood. Really beautiful!

  • fireflytrails

    The photo speaks loud and clear. Beautiful. I see growth and change to come. Hopefully this month of writing will help me do that, too.

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