SOL 3-19-2020

My husband began stocking up for COVID a few weeks ago when it first hit Washington State.  He bought all kinds of canned goods and filled two boxes and our pantry.  But he has continuds to find at least one little errand to do every day like getting his oil changed, picking up medication, going to the market to replace a perishable like milk or fruit. .

When he gets home I ask him for the “market” report: how crowded, how bare the shelves, how long the lines, any efforts made at social distancing and was anyone wearing gloves.

I can’t believe the report is the same every day: crowded, bare shelves, spacing in the long lines but children dodging in and out everywhere, and no gloves.

I guess I’m only surprised at the fact that people continue to strip the shelves bare. Is that what it looks like when everyone stocks 2 boxes and their pantry? Or is that becaue they are they lining their basement shelves and filling a storeroom?  That’s a lot of food.

I wonder when the report will be different and what will I be thinking then.

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