SOL 3-23-2020

Ok, I just have to say, the Fidelity Investments commercial that comes on right before  PBS Newshour is driving me nuts!

Here’s a quick over view of the script titled “Change in Plans:”

Couple in late 50’s enters Fidelity office to tell their rep they have a “change in plans” because their daughter is having twins and they want to put money aside for them.  In the next segment, same couple eyes an ad for a loft “close to the twins” and of course, they visit their rep again.  The final segment shows daughter hanging art in the loft and saying “mom, you could sell these” so couple goes to visit rep again with “change in plans.” 

I have heard many stories that contrast sharply and with completely opposite outcomes than the little vignette shared above so every time I hear those words “change in plans” I want to stick my finger in my mouth in the “gag” gesture.

I promise to share a sweeter bedtime story tomorrow.


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2 responses to “SOL 3-23-2020

  • bbutler627

    Share what you must but I know that commercial, it’s odd. Never gave much thought to it until now. Now I’m laughing a little, actually looking forward to seeing it through your eyes! I hope that comes off complimentary as that’s how I meant it. You describe an irk really well here and I liked the vibe of the honesty.

  • Maureen Ingram

    That commercial has bugged me, too! I love the honesty of your slice. Thanks for sharing your real perspective.

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