SOL 3-25-2020

Our work place has a little mascot – actually a couple of them.  We have some little dollhouse babies that we send around the office, hiding them in drawers, pencil cups, the tampon basket, suspended from the white board. Sometimes they appear with a little affirmation note, sometimes with a note referencing something funny that happened to the recipient.

It is a fun way to remember the work we do which is working with very young children, often babies, and their families.

Our weekly meetings include regular “staffings” on the children we serve and we have made it a priority to “speak as if the parent and child were in the room.” In other words, our reports should be respectful of each family, not gossip or opinions.

When work from the office was suspended, I realized I had one of these babies at home – because I’d recently been cleaning out my mom’s basement and found one while sorting through the doll collection there. At our meeting yesterday, I brought the baby out in front of the camera for all to see to remind people that even though we are meeting in a different way, the protocol still stands.

Now I’m thinking of having some fun with this little baby.  Since we can circulate it around the office, I can have the baby out in the world – ala “Good Dog Carl.”  So here’s my first post: Baby At Home

baby at home

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