Snapshots today:

2nd vaccine, I’m officially and proudly a “vaxhole”. Only one more family member to go. I sent a text to a friend I haven’t seen since meeting outside before Christmas – time to see each other again!

My daughter is visiting a friend in Seattle who recently gave birth to a second baby. She loves to celebrate these births with her friends but it is also so hard; every blood test and doctor tells her there is no reason for the miscarriages she is having.

My husband and I are trying to plan a little vacation at the end of May. Of course we’d love to jump on a plane and fly to Hawaii or Mexico. Instead we are discussing whether to have a driving vacation or a stay-in-one place vacation. One thing we agree on, there needs to be access to good take out or restaurants open for some business.

Beverly Cleary died today. I loved reading about Ramona to my daughter and it is a “first book” she gifts to friends – along with Knufflebunny.

I have no plans for this weekend – I thought it would be a good idea not to plan anything since I’m not sure how I’ll feel after the second vaccine. It’s not supposed to rain so we’ll see, maybe I’ll be up for some outdoor time or maybe I’ll work on one of my craft projects or maybe I’ll just want to be lying down in bed watching Property Brothers.

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